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tv   Today  NBC  July 23, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news. the death toll soars in the wake of two devastating attacks in norway. at least 91 people are dead. most gunned down at a youth kampl where the killer dressed as a policeman open fire on victims who had no way to escape. this morning we're live from oslo with the latest on the massacre and the suspect now in custody. seeing red with the debt deadline just days aconvey. talks break off between the president and the house speaker. >> and i've been left at the altar now a couple of times. >> the president is calling for a rare saturday meeting at the white house, but is it too late to avoid a financial
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catastrophe? melting pot. temperatures reaching 115 sweep across the east coast breaking records and leaving others sweltering under the worst heat wave in decades? sweltering under the worst heat wave in decades? today, july 23, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach. >> i spent a lot of time down south in my life. i don't think i have ever felt hotter than i did yesterday in new york city. >> at one point the wind was blowing. it was like being behind a wind. a record 104 degrees here on friday. felt like 115, according to those people who do those calculations. more than 130 million people across the country are waking up to more of the same.
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the weather is dangerous. the question many are asking, how long will it last? we'll get some answers in a few minutes. it's also heating up in washington with breakdown over debt talks. yesterday president obama accused speaker boehner of abandoning the talks. we'll have much more ahead, including the president's emergency white house meeting coming up later today. we want to begin with the developments overnight from norway where at least 91 people have now been killed in friday's terror attacks that targeted the government center and an island youth camp. nbc's martin fletcher tells us how this all unfolded, starting first with a massive explosion in downtown oslo. >> reporter: it's the worst attack on norway since world war ii. 3:30 in the heart of the capital a massive bomb blast outside the prime minister's office. debris over half a mile away. across the street, the oil ministry was in flames. >> buildings were on fire.
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it was complete chaos in the streets. we saw injured people being carried out of the buildings. >> most of the people were basically shocked. people were confused. people were asking what happened. how could this happen? and they weren't really aware of what to do or where to go. >> reporter: police suspect a car bomb, and with fear of more bombs, police warned people, leave the city center or stay at home. two hours later, another attack on an island an hour away. a man dressed as a policeman approached a crowd of youths attending a summer camp. he pulled out an automatic weapon and sprayed them with bullets. children jumped off the rocks to swim for their lives. an eyewitness said he shot some of them. president obama offered his condolences. >> the entire international community has a stake in prooepting preventing this type of terror from occurring and we have to work cooperatively
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together both on intelligence and in terms of prevention. >> that was nbc's martin fletcher. as we noted, there is someone in custody believed to be a norwegian man. evan coleman joins us. a 32-year-old man has been identifieding u they say he is a right-wing extremist. what more do we know about him and his motivation? >> not too much. this is someone who was a user on online forum, twitter, whatnot. the only thing we have are brief comments saying something to the effect of, one person willing to put his own life for his own interest at stake for his principle can be worth a thousand other people. this is someone who apparently had an idea he was going to go out and, quote/unquote, make history. here he did it in very tragic fashion. >> look at the targets. the prime minister's building in oslo, and then this camp for
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children of ruling party members largely. what do we know? has there been a growing climate of political extremism in norway, that you're aware of? >> there's always been a right-wing extreme movement but i think this does come out of the blue. i don't think people were expecting this. in some ways have you to look at other countries in europe and here in the united states because there has been problems with growing right-wing extremism. there's been a debate about how to tackle that. is the most effective way to treat it like al qaeda style terrorism or a better way to approach it. >> you mention al qaeda. the first thoughts naturally, is this islamic extremism. now it's believed to be a homegrown terrorist. you think of 9/11 attacks, london, madrid bombings. there was a certain sophistication there and coordination. in this case most deaths were caused by one man with a gun. for all the high-tech global antiterror strategies do we have, does this attack by a homegrown terrorist make us rethink our sense of
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vulnerability? >> yes. look, you look at what happened here, which you can classify as the oklahoma city of norway. look at what happened in ft. hood. that was someone inspired by al qaeda yet that was a homegrown attack. so much damage was done by one person with a gun. it's an important wake-up call. it's important for us to understand there are other extremists out there. it doesn't take a ph.d. in building explosives to kill a lot of people. doesn't take a ph.d. to be a murderer. >> we're focused on people who can get on airplanes and fly them into buildings. this is a gun. what do you think are happening in conversations with security officials watching this play out? >> there's a lot of concern. there are to doubt other right-wing extremists and al qaeda types saying, look, this worked, we can do this, this is simple, and that's the problem. much like mumbai, after mumbai there was a spate of threats
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targeting different hotels because people realized that tactic works. that's what we should be concerned about right now. >> this is early in the investigation. what's the likelihood there are co-conspirators or silent supporters of this man? >> i think the major piece of evidence so far pointing to the possibility of other conspirators is the bomb. as we saw in new york with the faisal shahzad, the times square bomber, it's not that easy to build that explosive. it's a little hard to believe that someone without any training, without any expertise, would have been able to put this together all by himself without any help. >> and my understanding was he had some farming interest and might have had access to fertilizer which can be a major part of explosives. great to have you on. now here's amy. thank you. in just a few hours an emergency meeting over the debt deal will take place at the white house following an extraordinary day in washington with the president and house speaker trading angry words over the collapse of those talks.
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nbc's mike vie kis live from th white house with more on that. >> finger pointing, and collap that's where debt talks stand after debt talks fell apart last night. ten days out from the deadline, can any of this be salvaged in time to avoid financial disaster? >> good evening, everybody. >> reporter: after days of mounting hope for a breakthrough, last night a public breakdown in the debt talks. leaving president obama visibly frustrated. >> i've been left at the altar now a couple of times. >> reporter: he chided house speaker john boehner in unusually personal terms saying he lacks the power to sell break on taxes to his own rank and file. >> up until some time early today until i couldn't get a phone call returned, my expectation was that speaker boehner was going to be willing to go to his caucus and ask them
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to do the tough thing but the right thing. i think it has proven difficulty for speaker boener to do that. >> reporter: appearing minutes later, boehner fired back. >> dealing with the white house is like dealing with a bowl of jello. >> reporter: an additional $400 billion in revenue the president asked for late thursday on top of the $800 billion already being negotiated. >> the white house moved the goalpost. there was an agreement on some additional revenues. until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more, it's the president who walked away from his agreement and demanded more money. >> reporter: in the aftermath of last night's blowup, both sides reveal details. including politically volatile changes to social security, medicare, medicaid and overhaul of the tax code, making it simpler with fewer brackets and lower rates. now both sides agree default must be avoided but with 11 days
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left before potential disaster, the path forward is unclear. >> we are out of time and they are going to have to explain to me how it is we are going to avoid default. >> reporter: and, amy, the president has summoned congressional leaders, all eight, back to the white house at 11:00 this morning. he's telling them to bring their plans on the table, that financial disaster august 2nd. we all know the deadline now. just ten days away. >> thanks so much. cnbc's john harwood joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> up until last night everyone thought this grand bargain was a likely deal and then both the president and speaker calling these last-minute press conferences. what happened? >> reporter: it's pretty simple, actually, amy. both of these leaders, speaker boehner and president obama were negotiating in good faith. they wanted a deal. but for a deal to succeed, you have to have the followers of those leaders accept it. the house republican leaders
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would not accept -- the house republican caucus, that is, would not accept what president obama needed to make a deal. that's significant. tax hikes as a component. i was on the phone the other night for an hour with a conservative house republican member to figure out what was going on. he said, yes, speaker boehner could try to push a deal with real tax increases to the republican caucus but he wouldn't be the speaker after that. they would throw him out. that's why boehner left the talks. that's why the united states risk of default, while still low in my opinion, is higher than 24 hours ago. >> you know it's incredibly rare to see the president put on a friday night press conference, one he called with 15 minutes leeway. he was really angry. what message was he trying to send with that press conference? >> reporter: what he was trying to do, amy, was condition public opinion for the end stage of these negotiations. the fallback has always been not
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a big deal but a small deal, something that would raise the debt limit. whether it's short term or long term. he wants a longer term. the advantage he's gained in public opinion, we saw that from our poll earlier in the week. it's why, by the way, speaker boehner was right when he said in his press conference, this wasn't about personalities, it was about different visions of country. house republicans are not playing politics. it's crazy politics what they're doing and republican leaders think it may hurt the party but it's what they believe and that's why we're at this point. >> john, it's interesting, speaker boehner called his press conference a few minutes after president obama but notably after the markets had already closed. was this intentional? >> reporter: absolutely it was intentional. the speaker was trying to do what he could to minimize the fallout from the collapse of these talks. and that's why there's urgency in meetings today and also on sunday to try to come to some resolution before markets open
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on monday in the hope that they can avoid a negative reaction, rising interest rates, things that will hurt the economy, which is already fragile. >> john harwood, thanks for your insight. and now here's lester. >> thanks. let's turn to the scorching heat wave. the temperatures reached a boiling point friday setting records up and down the east coast. the numbers there, 108 in newark. 103 in boston. there are advisories across the country with more than 29 states in the grips of this extreme and deadly weather that's putting an enormous strain on the nation's power grids. nbc's tom is live in atlanta with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the fountains here at centennial park are seeing plenty of sweaty people and today is no exception. large chunks of the country from eastern seaboard to the midwest are under an excessive heat advisory, watch or warning and the temperatures are rising. the horrible heat. >> very hot. we've been up all night.
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>> reporter: in new york city today highs will be around 100. if you're working off the heat index which combines air temperature and relative humidity, it will feel like 104. yesterday, records broke. 104 in the big apple. >> just trying to stay cool. i normally don't come outside much. >> reporter: and in the nation's capital, the heat index topped 112, something that hasn't happened there in more than a decade. >> it's too much. it's hard, you know. what are you going to do? just deal with it. >> reporter: nearly 132 million people are under some kind of heat alert. the actual temperatures on this map may seem hot but look at index numbers. 106 in kansas city. and 111 in d.c. even those accustomed to working under scorching conditions are taking extra precautions. these firefighters in pittsburgh used wet towels to stay cool but they needed much more than that.
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>> these clothes are double-edged sword. they don't allow our body heat to dissipate. >> reporter: the combination of high heat and humidity is not just uncomfortable, it's proven to be be deadly. across the country, more than two dozen heat-related deaths have been reported. cattle and crop losses are mounting across the drought-stricken south. in texas, the first six months of this year have been the driest in more than a sentry. this wildlife rescue center is taking in animals of all kind. >> i'm trying to beat the heat. it's outrageous. >> reporter: man and beast, looking for relief. the good news for the folks, at least up in the northeast, that there is going to be some relief but that comes monday, so you'll have to endure a couple more days of this hot heat. for us in the south, lester, we'll still be baking next week. >> thanks very much. let's find out more about what's
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ahead and the exact timing of the relief. the weather channel's mike bettis is out on the plaza where it's already 83 degrees. >> good morning. this is your best friend, staying hydrated. we have some issues out there. more than two dozen states under excessive heat advisories extending from the plains to eastern seaboard where it will be another scorching day where it's air, it's hot, humid, sticky outside. 101 in new york city with a heat index in 108. 102 in d.c. with a heat index of 113. we'll see more heat that spreads back across the center of the country. hot and humid in k.c., oklahoma city, and dallas working on three straight weeks of 100 degrees. we'll take a detailed look at your forecast coming up. >> we'll see you shortly. it's not just about enduring the heat wave it's surviving it. this morning we want to give you tips to make this extreme weather safer for you and your family. nbc's chief medical correspondent dr. nancy
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snyderman joins us. >> good morning. >> i'm young and fit, this doesn't bother me. just for old folks and babies. >> not in time around. this time it's everybody. this heat can really cook you. so, there are a couple things i want people to know. we talk about heat exhaustion and heat stroke. heat stroke is a medical emergency. if you're out with somebody and you realize somebody says i'm holt or feel hot to the touch and they're not sweating, their skin is just hot and dry and the temperature -- body temperature can go as high as 103 with a rapid pulse -- >> not sweating? >> not sweating. that means their system is about to shut down. they're cooking. that's a medical emergency. get them to the e.r. >> can you fool them and think, that's because it's 103. >> interestingly, you probably already passed through heat exhaustion where you're dripping wet with sweat but you have plel
5:18 am
skin and you feel nausea. this is the muscle cramp time. if you have a heat stroke, you can't deal with that at home. that's an emergency. >> mike noted that we're all going to be drinking a lot of water now. in some cases not just water, right? >> start drink brg you go out. we tend to think we drink when we're already thirsty. drink ahead of time. water's fine. this is the time use those electric row light drinks. you have to replace salts and minerals. wear clothing that pulls sweat away from your skin and stay cool and pace yourself. i'm amazed the number of people out running in the middle of the day. this is not something to fool with. >> again, this is the mindset i'm fit and this doesn't hurt me. >> we've talked about checking on your elders and friends. this is the time. the elderly tend to think it's hot outside, i'll stay inside. a lot of times they don't have air conditioning so this is the time you knock on your neighbor's doors. you know, usually you say, it's
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fine, as long as that high pressure dome keeps us cooking like this, have you to take it seriously. i think the death rate is going to continue to go up even after this is lifted. >> that's sober thought and your advice is well taken. now for a check of our other morning news stories, jeff ross sn standing by. >> good morning. we are going to begin with the faa partially shut down this morning. air traffic controllers remain on the job but about 4,000 workers have been furloughed because lawmakers friday failed to extend the agency's budget over a disagreement on cuts. the faa says this will not affect your air travel this weekend. president obama and pentagon officials are now ready to end the ban on gays openly serving in the military. after months of back and forth on friday, the pentagon made it official. they're ready for the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. that means the ban will be lifted in 60 days. now to somalia, where the
5:20 am
famine may have already killed tens of thousands of people. now, officials are warning hundreds of thousands could die. making matters even worse, militants still won't allow aid workers in. the militant group al shabab is calling it pure propaganda, denying there's a famine at all. now to the uk phone-hacking scandal and rupert murdoch's son james could face police questioning soon. several newspapers in london now reporting james murdoch could be called in by authorities after his testimony this week that he was not aware of widespread hacking at now defunk "news of the world". former members of that paper claim he's lying and now members of parliament are asking skopt scotland yard to investigate. nfl players and agents are working through the deal to end the four-month lockout. owners have approved the proposal but players haven't voted on it because they're not in full agreement. lawyers are trying to resolve those differences and hope the
5:21 am
players will vote next week. we're learning some gruesome details about that giants fan nearly beaten to death at dodger stadium. bryan stow remains in serious condition this morning from the attack back in march. court documents say two men arrested allegedly cut the victim's tongue, disfigured his face and beat him. 29-year-old louie sanchez is charged with assault and battery. arnold and maria taking a break from their divorce battle after their youngest son was in a beach accident. he was injured last weekend while boogie boarding at a malibu beach and he's been hospitalized ever since. doctors say he should make a full recovery. we'll have more on this story later in the show. now, 21 minutes past the hour. that's the news. back to lester, amy, and mike. >> jeff rossen, thanks so much. mike bettis back outside on the plaza with a check of your forecast. hope you had a few more sipz of water, mike. >> well, my bottle here is only
5:22 am
half full, so we're making progress here. but everyone, obviously, is sweating out here. what are you doing to beat the heat? >> just enjoying myself. >> sight seeing today but do it in the air conditioned tourist locations. let's talk about your forecast. obviously, another scorcher out there. 99 will be your forecast today in boston. 102 in washington, d.c. maybe a little bit of rain relief across the great lakes and the upper midwest. that is a look at your forecast across the country. . with a map like that, you can appreciate our weather around the bay area. we'll still see 80s inland. but areas of low clouds and mist this morning, 65 san francisco, 70 in oakland. low 80s around san jose. the weekend pretty comfortable. early next week we should see a stronger sea breeze leading to a slight drop in temperatures, later on in theew week, we could see plenty of 90s coming back as we approach next weekend.
5:23 am
that is a look at your weather. still to come on "today," new evidence in the murtd cader that stunned new york city. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing. [ female announcer ] watching calories at breakfast never tasted this sweet... i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] ...or this huge. new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast.
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"today," far from civilization. our survival school adventure, jenna, lesser and i spent a weekend in the wild. >> we leave just about everything behind as we venture into the desert. can we live without cell phones? can we live without matches?
5:26 am
a traffic on 880 and a cool day in our forecast. thank you for joining us this morning. if you liked it yesterday, you'll like it today. >> more of the same. especially been seeing all the storiesbout the heat back ie east. the humidity. well, today not so bad around here. temperatures in the 50s to near 60 right now. a healthy sea breeze. west coast looks pretty tame as we watch weather systems passing
5:27 am
harmlessly to the north. it's the steady sea breeze that will keep our temperatures in check. around lunchtime, starting to get to the low 80s around los gatos and livermore. low 80s around san jose. mid-80s around gill roy. morgan hill, up towards fairfield -- in fact, fairfield may get close to 90 degrees today. but that's about it. seven-day forecast shows the weekend will look fairly mild. as we get into early next week, we'll see a brief cooldown and approaching next weekend, maybe the upper 90s by next weekend. >> every time we pick up the phone to talk to anybody else across the country, they're complaining about the heat. this morning, a man is in jail in san francisco for allegedly stabbing two people last night. police say they responded to a call in the richmond neighborhood where an argument turned into a fist fight. police say one man stabbed two people at a house on clement
5:28 am
street near fifth avenue. both victims are at the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect is now in jail. new details about the three suspects in the bryan stowe beating case. the los angeles district attorney's office has charged 29-year-old louie sanchez and 30-year-old marvin norwood with assault and battery on the attack that left bryan stowe with brain damage. they were arrested on thursday in ri al to. the third suspect in the case, louie sanchez's sister, doreen, was arrested on suspicion of being an accessory after the fact to a felony, though she has not been charged. it was a california adventure all right, but probably not the one they expected. this is the california screaming ride. maybe you've ridden it at disneyland in anaheim. the riders were left hanging. the firefighters removed 23 people off the ride after it hit
5:29 am
a snag yesterday. a backpack fell off one of the cars and landed on the track. disney did shut down the ride for the rest of the night. coming up this morning on today in the bay, a rash of shootings in oakland overnight. we're hearing eight separate incidents. we'll have the latest coming up at 7:00. and more local news in 30 minutes.
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we're back on this saturday morning, july 23, 2011. is it hot enough for you? right now on the plaza, it's already 86 degrees and it's only 7:30 in the morning. it's expected to go to 101. our great crowd doesn't seem to mind the scorching temperatures, though. we'll head outside to say hello if a few moments. back inside studio 1a, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. a story we brought you last week, the searching of a mom of triple triplets. >> what happened to her? what does her estranged husband
5:31 am
have to say about her disappearance? we'll talk live to the sister of the missing mom ahead. the new family crisis for arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. they're headed for divorce but now focusing on their youngest son christopher who was seriously injured in a swimming accident in malibu. there are reports he suffered a collapsed lung while boogie boarding and is in serious condition. and then survival camp. amy, jenna and myself did something we've never done before. we spent a couple nights at survival school deep in the heart of the utah desert. we didn't have a lot with us. we're city slickers. not only did we give up cell phones, we gave up thing like sleeping bags, flashlights -- >> tents. >> tents. it was quite an experience. you'll see how we did. we'll bring you along for our wilderness journey. i think we all learned a lot. >> we did. >> it was a good experience. i know we have some very serious news to started this half hour. >> we absolutely do. a disturbing story from right here in new york where a young child walking home for the first
5:32 am
time alone was abducted and killed by a stranger. new details into the investigation and the suspect charged with this shocking crime. michelle franzen has more. >> reporter: the family of lith 8-year-old killed on his walk home from camp learned more devastating details this week. the medical examiner's report shows the cause of death was by smothering and intoxication from an acute mixture of drugs. >> bring closure to a family that has been the victims of this kind of torture. >> reporter: prosecutors say at the hands of the stranger police say lieby turned to for help, shown on this surveillance tape walking behind him. >> aaron took lieby to his apartment where he caused the child to ingest a large number
5:33 am
of drugs and then aaron use aid towel to smother the child until he died. >> reporter: drugged, murdered and then dismembered. a grand jury indicted aaron on eight counts, including first-degree murder. aaron faces life without parole and is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. at his arraignment earlier this week, his lawyer voiced concerns about his client's mental state. >> he's indicated he hears thha >> reporter: the other attorney quil quit this week. in a statement, his family says they continue to grieve and the ache in their hearts will remain forever. to honor him, his parents also created a memorial fund in his name. for today, mitchell franzen.
5:34 am
reports reportedly have a confession from the suspect but what could they be looking for inside his home. with us is criminologist, attorney and contributor to "in session," kacey jordan. good morning. >> good morning. let's begin with some evidence police have seen taking out of aaron's home. what are they collecting at this point? >> what they describe is a sizeable quantity of children's clothing as well as a few other items that would be described as children's blankets. i think a cup, a bowl. but it's the clothing, i think, that -- >> kids' pants is labeled on one of the bags. >> exactly. >> what's your reaction to that discovery? >> well, one of two or even three things. the number one thing the police are looking at is are these remnants or souvenirs from other children who have been in his home and who may have -- they have to consider this -- suffered the same demise as little leiby. are these things he put in his home in anticipation of bringing
5:35 am
children there? are they there in case he ever kidnapped or wanted to keep a child as his own or are they items, especially when you think about the blanket, the bowl, the cup, items meant to groom a child, to win the trust, make a child feel comfortable in his home so he could do them harm. >> in terms of what happened to this little boy while he was there, there are reports that aaron simply kept him there and killed him out of panic when he realized there was a massive search under way. do you buy that? >> i have to tell you, if that is how it worked, it would be extremely rare. that this child was not assaulted or sexually abused in the process. but i don't to want rule it out. keep in mind, just because the police are not releasing any details of sexual abuse doesn't mean it didn't happen. at the same time, this man clearly suffered mental illness. he had drugs for psychosis in his home. you do wonder if he's just mentally ill, kept the child and killed him. >> speaking of drugs because
5:36 am
part of that was actually found in leiby's system, he had a mix of drugs in his blood. the medical examiner found a muscle relaxant, a pain medication, tylenol and that antipsychotic drug. what are the presence of these drugs allegedly administered by aaron say about the process in which this little boy died and what his thought process was in doing so? >> again, we don't typically see this in crimology. usually these are sexually motivated. in his confession he says, i think i may have done something wrong. he seems killing the child was the wrong thing to do. we know his defense is going to be reaching for an insanity defense if he was, indeed, on medication, had a history of psychosis, they will certainly attribute this horrific tragedy to that mental illness. >> seeing how we've seen police investigates bringing out bags of evidence and we see some of the details of this crime
5:37 am
unfolding and now we know they're digging in his backyard, is it safe to assume they're looking for other victims, potentially? >> yes, they are. i'm sure that's their thought process. there are reports in the community that mr. aaron may have tried to lure a child into his car a few weeks ago so they can't rule anything out. i'm sure they're looking at all the missing children in the area and have to consider whether or not this is not the first time mr. aaron has done this. >> all right, kacey jordan, thanks so much. appreciate it. let's now get a check of the weather with mike bettis. good morning. >> good morning to you. 130 million americans are sweating out to a record-setting heat wave across the country. trying to provide a little relief. we'll do that in the form of rain today. the upper midwest, portions of the great lakes. we could watch for severe storms that may produce large hail, and isolated tornado risk highlighted in red for you but it's still hot. look at those numbers. they prove it. 102 for you today in the nation's capital. you've been looking at 99 in boston. that is a look at your weath
5:38 am
here's a look at the weather around the bay area. relatively speaking, quite comfortable. we'll see coastal clouds during the afternoon. temperatures in the 60s around san francisco. 70s on the other side of the bay, around oakland. 75 in petaluma. if you're heading east to truckee, 85. 95 around sacramento. a brief cooldown early in the work week with extra-low clouds and temperatures climb again later on next week. could see lots of 90s around the bay area. >> don't forget, you can check your forecast 24/7 at now, let's head back inside with amy. coming up, one of a kind. we are live and up close with, yes, that is a baby ardvark from busch gardens. now the boys feeling the show at baseball games. first, these messages. ♪
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call to the wild," it's a baby aardvark, just three months old. there's nothing else like it in thekangaroo, ears like a rabbit. he's with us, along with julia, animal ambassador for seaworld and bush gardens. great to have you here. i think it's cute. what do you think? >> yeah. he's already gotten so big. >> yes, in just, you know, three months, he's actually -- i don't know, what is that called, seven times his size. >> how big will he get, by the way? >> about three times more. >> wow. >> in terms of sizewise. you know, he can be over 100 pounds. >> in the introduction we were talking about, it looks like this, like that. you want to compare this to
5:42 am
something. i think i saw something like this in the new york subway yesterday -- >> oh. >> but the truth is, it's one-of-a-kind. it has its own classification in the animal world. >> there's actually no other living species that is closely related to the aardvark. even though they look like all these other types. even though they eat ants and termites, just like ant-eaters, they're not related to ant-eaters. they're closer related to elephants than they are to ant-eaters. >> i know his name means gift. how rare is it to have an aardvark born in captivity where get to show him off? >> very rare. there's a total of about 50 aardvarks born in. >> zoological parks. that's why we're so excited to raise him --
5:43 am
>> we just wanted to make sure nothing went wrong. it's so rare to have the births in zoological parks so we wanted to make sure we were there. we brought our veterinarian with us today. we have our handlers. so, everybody's just really, really cautious. but zawadi is doing a fantastic job. he's growing, thriving, he's fantastic. if you just look at him, you know, you just go, oh, my gosh -- >> people are amazed by him. >> we know so little about aardvarks. what's his disposition? what does he like to do all day? >> they have excellent sense of hearing and smell. when he first got up here, he went to amy's shoes. for some reason -- he loves stinky shoes. >> wow. >> no, he loves everybody's shoes, actually. just because we all have our particular scent and that's a good location to pick them up from. >> you find them in subsaharan
5:44 am
africa. >> they don't like to be out in the day. they're nocturnal. they like to dig. if you can get a look at the paws. look at these paws. >> can you say manicure. >> they can dig faster than seven men with a shovel in the same period of time. >> really? >> yes. they can dig down ten feet and go 40 feet in and that's where they stay. >> he went into this posture where he totally tucked his head under his rear. that's a typical posture? >> that's a typical posture. his parents do the exact same thing when they're curled up. >> thanks for sharing. next time you'll explain why they have two as at the beginning of aardvark. thanks so much for coming on. this is great. >> fabulous. >> you never know what you're going to get. >> a stellar day here. up next from breaking out
5:45 am
thermometers, how reporters cover the heat. tag, you're it! ♪ would you like to be my friend? ♪ ♪ i can run just like the wind ♪ i will hide up in that tree ♪ no one will ever find me ♪ wish this day would never end ♪ ♪ would you like to be my friend? ♪ ♪ everybody's trying hard to catch me ♪ [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] only kleenex® brand has sneeze shield in all its tissues to help catch sneezes in their tracks so kids can pass on the fun of being a kid. sneeze shield your kids wherever they go. now in new convenient on-the-go packs. good choice. launch me fellas. [ male announcer ] ooh, bad choice. capri sun 100% juice.
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5:48 am
unique ways of doing that. nbc's jeff rossen has the best of the best. maybe the worst of the best. i don't know. we'll be talking about your eating habits coming up after this. >> yeah, i'm getting a lot of e-mails, what was that about? >> the camera missed it. no one knows what i just did. >> i get. look, here in television our job is to show you how hot it is outside. even when it snows out, it's easy. we show thaw. how do you really show the heat? it's not that visual. that's the challenge for local reporters and network reporters across the country, to show you the heat. so, we're getting kind of creative. >> reporter: when it snows, that's easy. we just show the snow. you physically can't get a car through here or an ambulance through here. in hurricanes, just point the camera, instant tv. >> right about now i -- oh. >> you okay? >> we're okay. we're okay. >> reporter: sorry, al. but during a heat wave, how do you show it? people drinking water, sweating?
5:49 am
not exciting. so, cue the stunts. in minneapolis nbc affiliate kare baked cookies on a dashboard. yummy. in detroit the reporter hopped in a hot car. >> i'm going to sit in here. see how long i can last. we'll check back with you in ten minutes to see how hot this car really gets. so, wish me luck. >> reporter: ten minutes later -- >> i felt light-headed, i felt claustrophobic and had to get out. >> reporter: in tulsa, oklahoma, they broke out the thermometer. >> between 130 and 135 on the sa sidewalks. >> reporter: it's not just local reporters. here at "today" we love the visuals, too. can you really cook eggs on a street? let's see. you like yours overeasy? coming right up. we also bought a frozen mac and cheese dinner and a frozen pizza.
5:50 am
would they cook on a new york city sidewalk? >> i think your experiment is right. >> reporter: fast forward two hours. we check back. should i try it? it's cooked. the mac and cheese is cooked. the noodles are soft. and our pizza? nbc intern alex joined me. >> i'll taste the pizza. >> reporter: it's fully cooked. >> you have no shame. >> reporter: i have no shame. finally, the eggs. here's the finished product. i don't know. what do you think, is that cooked? >> yes. >> yes. >> reporter: would you eat this? >> no. >> reporter: would you? >> no. >> reporter: it's cooked? >> yes. >> reporter: but you wouldn't eat it? >> but i wouldn't eat it. >> suddenly everyone's a critic. i want to make one point, by the way -- >> it looked like you scraped the pizza right off the -- >> it had a paper-thin piece of cardboard. >> it didn't look like it, and you ate it. gross! no, anyway, good job, jeff. >> you've cooked worse and you
5:51 am
know it. >> maybe. just ahead, every little step. the boy whose dance moves are making him an internet star. first, this is "today" on nbc. such a big school year. your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark.
5:52 am
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5:53 am
still to come on "today," coming together for their season. the ocean accident of maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegg schwarzenegger. >> we team up rk a wee of survival school. could we handle it? >> we've got a flood.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
you say it's going to be just nice and mild today? >> pretty comfortable. not too hot inland. not too chilly around san francisco today. we'll probably get partly cloudy skies later on. 55 degrees. you saw the low clouds over downtown and mist with the fog this morning. 60 in hayward. currently 57 in san jose. we have a healthy sea breeze which is reaching our inland
5:57 am
locations, like fairfi ad and concord this morning. we really don't have a lot in terms of the satellite feed. we're waking up to low clouds this morning. nothing in terms of showers headed our way. the morning we'll see 50s and 60s outside as we head toward lunchtime. we finish the day and see temperatures in the low 80s in san jose, 70s in oakland. not much change tomorrow. brief cooldown monday and tuesday. it's next weekend, later next week we could see lots of 90s coming back. free ocean air conditioning now. but next weekend looks a little hotter. an 11-year-old girl is in critical condition this morning after she was shot in the chest last night in the western addition. it happened in the 1100 block of laguna street. police found bullet casings in the neighborhood which led them to the wall of an apartment building. police say the girl suffers from life-threatening injuries.
5:58 am
witnesses say the suspects were described as a group of african-american boys. officers later detained boys for questioning, although they have not announced any arrests. this morning a man is in custody at san francisco jail for allegedly stabbing two people. an argument in the richmond neighborhood turned into a fist fight last night. a man stabbed two people last night. both victims are at san francisco hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries this morning. the east bay is celebrating a milestone in america's race to the moon. 42-year-old apollo spacecraft made its splashdown in the ocean. the hornet recovered the astronauts from the sea. to mark the occasion, the aircraft carrier is hosting special events today. a new apollo exhibit will be unveiled as well. it features space suits and equipment used by the astronauts. this event starts this morning
5:59 am
at 10:00. this morning, san francisco will ramp up the hood. the hood games was founded six years ago by k dub and designed to bring together all kinds of kids from different backgrounds to celebrate their love and passion for the arts of skateboarding. the day-long event will run from 10:00 this morning to 9:00 this evening at the african-american culture complex in san francisco. it is free for all ages. the activities feature skate pros, and live performances from hip-hop celebrities and more. there will be food, games and more. we'll talk about a violent night in oakland. more on eight separate shootings in the city. we're back in 30 minutes.
6:00 am
welcome back to "today," it's july 23, 2011, a saturday morning. another steamy day. steamy here in new york city. the extreme weather hasn't stopped the great crowd from joining us on the plaza. we appreciate that. good morning. lester holt along with amy robach. let me pause while i wring out this suit. it's very muggy. like a sauna. >> yeah. 130 million americans are in the thick of it. we're not alone here in new york city. records are being broken up and down the east coast. we're expecting more triple-digit temps today. everyone asking, is there any relief in sight? we'll have the forecast coming up. we have a new measuring
6:01 am
stick. could it be any worse than living out in the desert with hardly anything? that's what we did. our outdoor adventure, amy, jenna and i hiked into the utah desert, no sleeping bag, no tents, little if no food, snakes. >> some friends. >> no flashlights. the question is, could we survive? that's what we were being taught. we were attending a survival school. we'll show you -- >> we made it back alive. just the journey, right? >> we did. with some great stories. and then a royal treat that crowds are already lining up at buckingham palace for a look at princess catherine's gorgeous wedding dress, tiara, the wedding cake. we'll head to the palace coming up. we'll start with breaking news out of norway, the story dramatically changed overnight with the death toll from the twin attacks. jeff rossen is at the news desk and will tell us more about it. >> good morning to you. we are going to begin with breaking news we've been following here all morning, that
6:02 am
horrible massacre in norway. the death toll keeps climbing. at least 91 people are now dead and a suspect is in custody. nbc's martin fletcher is live in oslo with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. can you imagine what it was like for the norwegian people today. they went to bed last night thinking 17 people were killed, seven here in a bomb explosion in the center of town and another 10 on the island. when they woke up this morning to find it wasn't 10 dead children, it was 84 dead children killed by the gunman on the island, ages from 12 and 13 to 19. at the moment, survivors of that massacre are in a hotel near the island waiting for their families from all over the country to come pick them up. this is a nation in shock today, jeff. >> martin, as we reported, the gunman has been arrested, at least who police say they believe is the gunman. what do we know about him and his possible motivations here?
6:03 am
>> reporter: yeah. well, he's a suspected gunman fort time being. he's norwegian. he wrote on his own facebook page, he's conservative, christian, also made a quote from winston churchill saying the belief of one person is more important than the nonbelief of half a million people. this was a man on a mission. we still don't know exactly whether he is the guy. he is the suspect. we have been told in may he bought six tons of the material used in the bomb in town. so that is obviously an important issue. and the police have linked him to both attacks. the attack here, the bomb attack in the town of oslo, and the gun attack on the island. so, the police -- everything is pointing to the acts of one lone man, one lone radical norwegian but that's still speculation. police are still investigating. >> and important to note he is just a suspect. the prime minister will be meeting with victims' families
6:04 am
later today. what is his message to them and to his country as a whole right now? >> reporter: well, you know, the prime minister, they say he reacted well. the nation's in shock and he's addressing that shock. he has told his people already, stay calm, stay united, be dignified. he said also, don't be naive. this is a country now that's been attacked and is a real attack. the worst attack in this country since world war ii. so, he's uniting his country and warning them at the same time. one thing i should point out, you know, in this country, the maximum sentence for any crime here is 21 years. 21 years in jail. there is no death penalty here. 21 years in jail. so the suspect, 32 years old, if he's quicked, would face a maximum of 21 years in jail, given time or for good behavior, he could be out on the streets before he's 50 years old. >> wow. martin fletcher live in oslo. thanks. he'll continue to follow this through the day. head now to the white house
6:05 am
where debt ceiling talks collapsed last night. now both sides are blaming each other. mike at the white house with what it all means. >> reporter: it was a public collapse. it would have been private, tense, but productive negotiations. last night house speaker john boehner pulled the plug on the so-called grand bargain, some $4 trillion in savings over ten years. the aftermath, after this burst out into the open, the president accused the speaker of not returning phone calls and the speaker accused the president of moving goalposts on the last minute. can anything be salvaged from the wreckage of these negotiations? the president has called all the major players back to the white house for a late morning meeting here at the white house, a rare saturday meeting, to try to pick up the pieces. >> on hot white house lawn, mike, thanks. we'll continue with the oppressive heat wave gripping mike and much of the nation. hate to say it, but no relief in
6:06 am
sight. nbc's tom trong live in hotlanta sweating it out himself. >> reporter: hey, jeff, a lot of people will be trying to cool off at places like these. we're talking about a large chunk of the country from the eastern seaboard over to the midwest. those areas will be under a heat advisory, excessive heat warning or watch. this is a huge number of people, about 132 people. we're talking about, so far, right now more than two dozen heat-related deaths. there's going to be a lot of people watching the temperature as it keeps rising here. but there is some good news, for those in the northeast. there is going to be some relief, lower temperatures starting monday, but for us down here, jeff, in the south, we're still going to be baking next week. >> a run through the sprinklers might do you good. thanks. that is the news at six minutes past the hour. want to head back out to amy, who we left outside. >> yes, i'm sweating profusely, jeff. thanks so much. mike bettis is back with more on how long this will last. >> so many of us want heat
6:07 am
relief. we think we can provide some. another day today where you'll be just sweating it out, though. 101 in new york city. 101 in philadelphia. we'll do triple digits again in d.c. but it will feel like 113 and down to raleigh, north carolina, you'll be in triple digits. heat extending across the center of the country, oklahoma city, memphis and dallas. dallas, only one day this month have we not hit 100 degree. the cold front comes in tomorrow but stays a hot one. high pressure builds in across the center of the country. but the northeast does get a little break. we'll talk more abo
6:08 am
and that is a look at your weather all across the country. now here's lester. >> mike, thank you. now to the serious accident involving the son of arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. it happened while the boy was in the waters off malibu and while his parents are in the middle of a very public divorce. >> reporter: in what has already been a tumultuous year for arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver, another blow. the son's 13-year-old christopher is hospitalized. sources close to the family say he has a collapsed lung, broken
6:09 am
bones and broken ribs. >> like a boogie board accident, i think, and can't move off the beach. >> reporter: shriver sounding very calm called 911 from a beach in malibu, where last sunday christopher ran into trouble in the water. >> is he awake and breathing? >> yeah, he's awake and breathing. i just -- he can't move. he's having trouble breathing. >> reporter: christopher seen here last year at the women's conference with his family is the youngest of the couple's four children. >> christopher, well, it's hard to wrap my mind around it, but my little baby is now a teenager. >> reporter: friday in a joint statement schwarzenegger and shriver said, quote, while it has been a very scary week, christopher is surrounded by his family and friend. adding, he is expected to make a full recovery. >> it has definitely brought the family together. they're really handling this in a very civilized way. >> reporter: the news of christopher's accident comes days after yet another development in his parents' divorce case. schwarzenegger's response to shriver's divorce petition, it appears he doesn't want to pay spousal support.
6:10 am
some legal experts say, that's a standard request in most divorce cases. >> it's something the lawyers as a matter of pleading and practice do, that shouldn't be read into anything as ill will. >> reporter: the former california governor also wants to split the legal cost of the divorce. shriver wants him to pay all of the fees. >> the notion that she should have to pay her own attorney's fees when he triggered the divorce was all that happened is crazy. >> reporter: the couple split up after 25 years when schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a child with a long-time household staffer. while schwarzenegger and shriver work out their difference in court, it appears their focus now is on the hospital, where christopher remains. sources close to the family say the pair has been together every day at their son's bedside. for "today," nbc news, los angeles. >> it's now ten minutes past the hour. again, here's amy. there are new details in the
6:11 am
search for jackie waler, the mother of triplets and she hasn't been seen or heard from since june 1st. authorities in missouri step up efforts to find her, her family is speaking out about this agonizing mystery. her older sister, cheryl, joins us from missouri. good morning to you, cheryl. >> good morning. >> i cannot even imagine how difficult this must be. your sister's been missing for a month now. and i know you've been taking care of her three children, her triplets since she moved in with you in march. how are they holding up? i can't imagine the questions they have about where their mom is. >> it's very, very hard. we keep them distracted and busy. they just -- nighttime's the hardest. it's definitely the hardest. they know they're loved and they're protected. they're okay. they're great kids. >> i know her former husband, clay, who police have dubbed as
6:12 am
a person of interest, but he's not been actually named a suspect. he spoke out this week, saying the community is out to get him. his attorney says his car was spray pained with the words "killer" on it. he said he was shot at with a pellet gun. we spoke to his attorney who told us, quote, he's very stressed out, very depressed. he has to live his life knowing the vast majority of people have already condemned him. he's fearful for his life. this has destroyed their lives. what do you have to say about all of that? >> fantastic. i'm thrilled to death that he is scared for his life. my sister lived her -- definitely the last year of her life in fear for her life, definitely the last six months he was nonstop with his threats. i'm thrilled to death that he's fearful for his life. that's great. >> did you ever hear him threaten her or did you ever observe anything where you felt
6:13 am
like your sister was unsafe? >> my sister -- me and my sister are very, very close. like i said, she lived with me. she shared everything with me. and i would hear her on the phone with him. i mean, it was just nonstop phone calls, phone calls. i'm like, don't even answer. she's like, i just don't want him to come up here. she would tell me about their conversations. she's never been one to embellish on a story to make it sound better. she was very serious. she was very concerned for her safety, for the kids' safety. you know, she just -- she was always fearful. so, i mean, she -- i didn't hear him directly, but she told me about their conversations on a
6:14 am
daily basis. and it was nonstop. >> and, i know the search continues for your sister this weekend. hundreds of people are coming together to look for her. what do you want people to know about jacquie as they look for your sister? >> we appreciate it so much. it's supposed to be -- poefd to feel like 115 today. bless their hearts. they're out there beating the bushes. you know, working on hard to try to find her for us. we appreciate it. more than they'll ever know. >> are you hopeful you will find your sister? >> oh, i'm very hopeful. the dedication that the community has shown. i'm very hopeful. >> we certainly are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. thank you so much for joining us
6:15 am
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6:18 am
see some of his signature moves. there you see him at the mariners game. >> it was a mariners game in june. they spotted him on the jumbotron dancing to michael jackson's "thriller". >> we'll see him out on the plaza. i love those moves. you were at the game. it was '80s night. michael jackson's "thriller" came on. what took over you? >> i always wanted to dance to get on the big screen at those games, but "thriller" is my song, so i just felt it. >> i love -- you felt it. i love that. >> you guys came to the game because he had been spotted once before at the mariners game and it was '80s night. tell me how all this came about? >> it was chris's birthday and a good friend had given us tickets and jonah was busting a move. they saw him. and we went out to '80s night, they put on "thriller" and he went for it. >> how long have you been dancing? >> i've always liked to dance.
6:19 am
when i got to mexico vacation, i met some street dancers, and they kind of -- >> they showed you some new moves? >> yeah. >> are you feeling the moment now? are you feeling the moment? cue the music. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:20 am
>> yeah! ♪ ♪ thriller thrill of the night ♪ ♪ you're fighting for your life ♪ >> jonah duval, terrific. >> all right! >> that's awesome. how do you do the little walk? >> you're really going to try that, lester? >> there. >> lean on this foot. try to get around back. >> okay. i think he's got the 3.6 million hit on youtube. jonah and family, thank you all for coming. that's a tough crowd. you did a really great job. we'll be back.
6:21 am
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still to come on "today," roughing it. could we make it at a survival school unscathed? our unforgettable deser experience coming up. buckingham palace shows off kate's wedding dress. we're live from london. first these messages. what makes hershey's s'mores special? hershey's chocolate goodness, that brings people together.
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is a nicely designed package. ♪ now you can have brownies again. new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. good morning to you. here's a live look at san jose, if you're waking up in the south bay, cool now. but warming up later. i'm here with rob. it will stay cool around the bay? >> not bad. especially with what's happening around the rest of the country. a lot of friends and family would want to come to the bay area today. low clouds around san francisco. we've got the hairspray rain in a few spots. and for san jose, you just saw it, 55 degrees. patchy low clouds. hour by hour, forecast low
6:27 am
clouds inland this morning. at the coast, the warmest places inland making a run at the mid-80s. san jose low 80s. morgan hill to livermore and fairfield, maybe close to 90 in the warmest places inland. we're going to be cooling off early next week before temperatures may finally start to turn sizzling hot around here. we could see a lot of 90s later on next week. this morning one man is in a san francisco jail for allegedly stabbing two people last night. police say they responded to a call in the richmond neighborhood where an argument turned into a fist fight. police say one man stabbed two people on clement street near fifth avenue. both victims are at san francisco hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect is now in jail. we're learning new details about the bryan stowe beating case. the district attorney's office charged 29-year-old louie
6:28 am
sanchez, 30-year-old marvin norwood with felony mayhem, assault and battery that left bryan stowe with brain damage. police also arrested sanchez's sister. sanchez and norwood were arrested thursday. those arrests led the lapd to exonerate giovanni ramirez. the third suspect in the case, louie sanchez's sister, doreen, was arrested on being an accessory after the fact. she has not been charged. it was a california adventure, but not the one that they expected probably. take a look at the california screaming ride at disneyland in anaheim. slight problem. those riders were left hanging. firefighters removed 23 people off that ride after it hit a snag led. the problem? a backpack fell off the ride and landed on the track. disney did shut down the ride for the rest of the night. no more disco music, line
6:29 am
dances or roller skates for the rink that's been around for decades. after more than 30 years in business, cal skate of milpitas is set to close its doors at the end of the month to make room for townhouses. it's one of the few roller rinks with a hardwood store which was installed 25 years ago. still to come on today in the bay, a rash of shootings overnight. also a shooting in san francisco that sent an 11-year-old girl to the hospital. all the day's news coming up for you in 30 minutes right here on "today in the bay."
6:30 am
we are back on this sweltering saturday morning, jooun july 23shgs 2011. another hot one. it's expected to reach 101 degrees here. we want to thank our crowd from coming out on this very hot day instead of staying inside where it's cool. like the air conditioning. outside on the plaza, i'm amy robach along with lester holt. >> and a surprise guest. >> i spent the last four years trying to work on saturdays. today, it's finally happened. >> you brought a friend. >> this is devin, who's so excited about what's coming up, our wilderness shoot.
6:31 am
is that right? >> no, not at all. >> you're here to talk about our survival school. >> this was huge. the weekend adventure in the utah desert. we signed up for survival school -- i don't know that we signed up. we were assigned. city slickers found a trip to remember. >> we couldn't bring tents, cell phone, blackberry and we even had to build our own fire before we could each. >> when you say build our own fire -- >> i think she's speaking french. >> we were razed all week that only one could build a fire. >> we are nn't going to give th away. >> and we bonded. we're best friends now. >> we'll also go to london where the main attraction is the wedding dress, kate middleton's dress, princess catherine she wore when she married in april,
6:32 am
the tiara and even the wedding cake is on display at buckingham palace. we'll have a live report from london. mike bettis is standing by to tell us about the heat and more important, when it's going to end. >> the water, it's gone, already, just like that, impewe empty. the crowd is doing great. we've got, we think, one more day of the heat to go here in the northeast. then we'll see a little cooloff here. the courtesy rain may come as soon as today and bring you some relief. 99 in boston. 101 in d.c. maybe severe weather in chicago. 103 in dallas. tomorrow, still warm, still sizzling on the east coast, still sizzling in trrnornado al. a little here's a look at the weather today around the bay area. once the low clouds break up, at
6:33 am
least inland they'll break up, patchy low clouds likely to linger around san francisco. 70 in oakland and about 72 in santa cruz. we'll see roughly the same tomorrow with temperatures fairly comfortable for this time of year. brief cooldown early next week and high pressure strengthening and lots of 90s next weekend. right now things pretty comfortable around the bay area. some fine folks coming up from northeast, ohio, home of the magic. how are you holding up in this heat? >> oh, my gosh, it's so hot. >> how hot is it, right? so, you're going to statue of liberty today? >> yes. >> maybe a little relief on the ferry. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> a little weather magic does come in relief as soon as tomorrow. now, here's amy. >> mike, thank you. if you were enthralled by the royal wedding in april, have you a big event to look forward to atbuckingham palace.
6:34 am
we're live outside buckingham palace. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. it's another big day at the palace today. catherine's wedding dress goes on display. it's expected to draw in half a million visitors over the next couple of months. it was a royal fashion feast for the eyes the first time around. now we get another taste. the queen joined kate to see it on display in its full glory. it should have been bonding time for the monarch and her grandson's new wife, but her majesty wasn't impressed. >> horrible. >> reporter: the ghostly display, rather than herself, kate is hoping. the alexander mcqueen is a sight
6:35 am
to behold. you can get an up close look at the lace detail, ivory and white satin and a skirt resembles an opening flower. >> the beauty really is in the details. >> reporter: record numbers are expected. fans just aren't royaled out yet. >> we've come to see the dress, of course. >> like so many people watched it and to actually see it, that is pretty cool. >> well, it looks really, really fantastic. and i really want to wear it. >> reporter: kate is sharing her most prized possessions with the world. the veil made of ivory silk tulle, tiara almost 1,000 diamonds, eearrings from her parents and the shoes make a first public appearance. >> it's the closest to the royal wedding you'll be without having
6:36 am
been invited. >> reporter: how about that cake? >> some of it was served at the wedding. but the top two tiers have been kept as tradition by the duke and duchess. >> reporter: and this duchess certainly knows how to turn tradition into gold dust. she rocked the star radar during her trip to canada and the states. establishing herself as reining fashion queen supreme. >> kate's considered the ultimate a-listers and clothes horse and anything she wears, people want to copy. so, she certainly is star-like. >> reporter: with her unique ability to win both hearts and headlines, kate has single-handedly reviving the fortunes of the exhibit. it will raise millions for the palace. the royals can't help but be impressed by their newest addition. after three months after the wedding, she's officially the hottest ticket in town. >> thank you. coming up, wild at heart.
6:37 am
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[ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. lean cuisine. ♪ i will survive hey hey ♪ >> as journalists we are asked to report on a wide range of stories from breaking news to more fun, lighter fare. >> this next assignment we're about to show you, i will admit,
6:40 am
i was a bit apprehensive. >> our nigmission, get a crash course in how to survive. we should note this school is not for the faint of heart. no cell phone, no blackberries, no sleeping bags, no snacks. >> you put the three of us together for a night in the wild, anything can happen. >> reporter: deep in southern utah's desert canyons, a five-hour drive from salt lake city, is where our adventure begins. >> welcome. embrace and make the most of it. if you're okay with that, then that's as much as you need to know. the rest we'll teach on you theu way. >> reporter: boss offers the ultimate reality school, headed by josh bernstein, their main goal is to teach participants how to survive in the wildness without any modern necessities. >> one of the things we're hoping to teach you is how to be comfortable through technique, not through technology.
6:41 am
the no list of what you can't bring with us is longer than the yes list. the no means no sleeping bags, no tents, no backpacks, no flashlights. >> not having a tent is freaking me out. >> i want to get the full experience. i think the key to this kind of thing is letting go of our crazy lives and really, it sound corny, but communing with nature. >> are we bringing food in or living off the land? >> no, we're not going to live off the land because the learning curve is to steep. >> better to bring it on. >> i'm thrill-seeking, dare devilish. i've never done anything like this before. >> and one -- >> no, wait. this is the stuff we have to go through. >>-l. >> reporter: we had a checklist in advance of what to bring. no, josh wasn't kidding about that no list. >> razor, deodorant, toothpaste you won't need. >> i thought about, you know, hand wipes, but they claim they have soap. >> i have to have lip gloss. you don't understand. >> i have mascara in there, too. >> i'm a little upset i didn't
6:42 am
get to bring my deodorant and my mascara. >> i'm sure you guys are smuggling iphones and blackberries. >> no, we're not. >> a hackie sack? >> yes. >> busted. >> reporter: since backpacks are also off limits, we were given blankets to pack our gear. >> this is like a steven spielberg movie down there. >> ants. i'm so stressed out. it's going to be a long 4 hours. >> reporter: the school outfitted us with a knife, safety lessons and instructions on making fia spoon. >> reporter: before we headed out, a quick gut check. >> bugs. i don't like bugs. >> i'm more worried about snakes and coyotes and wolves. >> in fact, i feel like there's one crawling on me right now. there is. there's an ant. >> anything i'm afraid of? i don't think so. >> ahhh! right there, right there, right there! what is that thing? >> i don't think the elements are too bad. i feel like worse comes to
6:43 am
worse, we're all just going to sort of step up. >> look out! >> stop that. >> we could trade. >> a minute. >> these are the girls my mother warned me about. >> reporter: armed with just our blanket packs, knives and ponchos, we hit the desert trails. our mission, survive 24 hours in the wild. >> what's the elevation? >> 5500. >> would you fine your way out of here? >> no way. >> reporter: along the way we learned key survival skills. >> this is rainwater. there's some signs of life, that's a good thing. what you don't want is lots of dead animals in the water. because there could be something toxic. so, we'll just basically reach in without touching the water. and fill our cup. it's perfectly drinkable. >> doesn't require purification?
6:44 am
>> certainly if we were drinking stream water, river water and lake water, yes. but spring water, it's up to you. this is about as good as it gets. >> can i try it? >> yeah. try it. >> it's water, right? >> i just didn't think he would do it. ♪ into the great wide open >> reporter: speaking of water, what happens when nature calls? >> in terms of where you're going is away from the water source. and preferably not on plants. some of the best stuff to use is this right here. this is talc-quality sand. feel that. you reach under, push up and then pull away. >> i am so holding it. >> hoo! >> hoo! >> tv we do. >> pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. >> you have miss jackie joyner
6:45 am
who wants to make sure she get to the campsite three days before lester and i do. >> does she-e stop talking? >> he's got a backpack issue. he's wined. >> reporter: as night falls we make our way to our home for the evening. a sandy alcove, where it turns out we weren't the only tenants. >> welcome to your home tonight. >> how are we sleeping in we don't have sleeping bags. >> a. b, we're all holding it in. no one has ventured to go to the bathroom. >> i went this morning before i left new york. >> the hardest part so far? >> i think drinking water off the land. oh, that's right. i'm the only one that did that. >> oh! >> before we get into bedding we have a few skills we want to teach you. first is cooking our food. f in order to do that we have to learn how to make fire.
6:46 am
>> reporter: that's right, making fire. >> did i suggest bringing a match? yes. did anyone listen? no. we have to do it naturally. >> reporter: we gathered the firewood. >> they took our watches. >> it's dinner time. >> and then watched as she demonstrated the age-old bow drill technique. >> i'm bearing down a little more. >> reporter: after nurturing and willing -- >> wow! >> woo hoo! >> reporter: at last fire to cook a much needed hot meal. >> what are you doing? >> you guys are going to make the dinner. >> reporter: this was going to be a long -- >> long. >> reporter: long night. >> you know how crushed i was when she put that fire out? i thought we were doomed. >> it was after midnight and we hadn't eaten. >> i have to tell you this, i tweeted at the beginning of this, who among us started the fire and who among us was the best map reader? >> he did one thing right the
6:47 am
entire trip and he hasn't stopped talking about it. >> no. she says, i'm guessing you on map reading and amy on fire. >> did i get anything in that? >> no. sorry. but it's early. >> we had a lot of witty one-liners. >> if this is a survival school for witty one-liners, i'd be all over it. can we talk about how we bonded? you and i did. >> mr. cub scout, boy scout, was off doing his own thing. up at the crack of down, before even anyone else knew daylight -- >> i thought we could get out there earlier if we packed up. >> good point. we had fun. jenna was the picture taker. very good at documenting everything. >> you know, when they did a customized course for us, there are people who go out and do a 28-program with nothing. they go out and learn to catch fish with their bare hands. >> we ate that night. it wasn't much but we ate a little bit. on the first four days you don't eat on the 28-day course.
6:48 am
it's a real survival course. >> anything? >> oh, jenna, someone says -- oh, they just put jenna. >> great. i appreciate it. thank you. >> i don't know what that mean. what happens next? can we survive the night? and who really does start the fire? you get lost out there and -- >> it all looks the same after a while. >> we'll find out on tomorrow's broadcast. you'll be back for that, right? >> i will. >> we'll be back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:49 am
6:50 am
just a few moment ago we showed you some of our survival school escapades. >> 24 hours in the desert of southern utah. it was gruelling but at the same time fun. >> we were told in order to eat we would have to make our own fire? could we and we would be able to leave the wild holding our heads up high? here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's survival adventure.
6:51 am
>> we're still waiting for flames so we can first start making dinner. >> oh. i can't -- my hand. i literally can't. >> we eat mice? >> uh-huh. >> god, i hope this water's clean. >> i'm ready to get back to my eggs, bacon and coffee. >> we're still on? >> we have a problem. >> are you trash talking me? >> i think the both of them are doing fine. >> so it started off great. we started getting on each other's nerves. >> paranoia, we couldn't eat, find our way out. we started turning against one another. >> we did. as i mentioned before the break, i tweeted, who was the best map reader and got us out of there and started the fire. we've had a few mentions. you actually got mentioned. >> what did they say? >> they say the cameraman started the fire and you all lost your map. you got mentioned. if lost, jenna could get found with all of her chatter. >> oh!
6:52 am
you know. >> no, you kept -- you were the spirit of the group. >> that was just a joke. >> it was a joke. the lol came after someone wrote, good luck, jenna. >> you are a -- you kept us going. >> i enjoyed jenna's witty one-liners quite a lot. she may not be good in the wilderness but feisty with her words. >> we're back, but first these messages. >> love you guys.
6:53 am
6:54 am
that's going to do it for us on this saturday morning. our thanks to mike bettis, jeff rossen and jenna coming in on a saturday morning.
6:55 am
>> i'm still the luckiest man in the world that you didn't invite me. i feel so blessed. >> did you bring matches? >> i absolutely did not. >> tomorrow we'll be covering the latest on the amanda knox appeal in italy. i'll see you back here for "nbc nightly news." until then, so long, everybody. see you soon.
6:56 am
the bay," eight separate shootings in the bay. people are asking, what's going on? the latest developments in oakland. an 11-year-old girl is shot in a street battle in san francisco overnight. the latest on her condition sglmpts and two men charged in . .std and anwe now learn he may not he been the only giants fan targeted.
6:57 am
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good saturday morning to you. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see heavy fog there this morning. but a mild day throughout most parts of the bay area. thank you for joining us this saturday, i'm kris sanchez, and joining me is


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